Emergency Plumbers: What Do You Need to Do Before You Bother These Contractors?

Calling emergency plumbers immediately right after you see a pipeline damage is not the wisest thing for you to do. The problem may just be a minor one and you might end up paying a lot of money for an issue that you can fix yourself. So, here are the steps that you must do first before you give your local pipe contractors a call.


Shut Down Your Water Supply

First of all, you need to stop all the water that is coming out of your pipeline or bathroom fixture. Shut down the main water supply of your home to prevent a flood from happening inside your property.


If the switch is too tight because of all the rust surrounding it, then you can ask for the help of another family member. If you’re alone at home, then you can look for a tool that would allow you to turn the switch.


Assess the Situation


Without all the flowing water inside your home, it would be easier for you to determine whether the problem is really severe or not. If the issue simply prevents you from using your bathroom sink or even your toilet, then you are advised not to call emergency plumbers. This problem would not cause a huge disruption in your daily routine as of the moment so, close the door of your comfort room and get back to bed.


Just like a simple boiler maintenance procedure, this issue can wait in the morning and you can always improvise especially when you have more than one bathroom inside your home.


Contact the Water Company First


Always keep in mind that you are not fully responsible for all the damages that are bound to happen to your pipeline system. Some of these issues can be covered by your water company so it would be best for you to call the people from this agency first.

As you can see, you don’t always need to seek the help of expensive emergency plumbers. Do the steps in this article first and after that, you are free to either call them or not.